1. What are the differences between a system ticket and a collectible ticket, and what tickets does the Knock Out store offer?

All the tickets purchased in the Knock Out Music Store have collectible printouts and this is the only place of distributing collectible tickets for the concerts organised by Knock Out Productions. Collectible tickets are designed individually and printed on hard, laminated paper. A collectible printout is a souvenir, and it does not entitle to take part in an Event. To participate in an Event, you need to present a unique bar code on your electronic ticket. 

  • Electronic tickets (e-tickets) are always sent to your email in the form of a download link, after paying for them. You do not need to print the tickets – you can exchange them for collectible printouts on entering a given concert, after scanning a valid bar code on your mobile screen.

Remember – do not take pictures of the bar code and do not publish it online or send via other means of communication. Our system works on the basis of a bar code unique to every ticket. If you publish your ticket bar code online, somebody can enter a given concert using your ticket!

The ticket you have purchased allows to you enter the event once.

  1. Is it possible to book a ticket?

No. We do not book tickets via email or telephone.

  1. How to place an order?


  1. What are payment options and is the PayU system secure?

Knock Out Music Store uses the PayU system to improve the operations of the online store.


According with the assurances of the system provider, it is secure.

You can make an instant online wire transfer to pay for purchased tickets. You have 20 minutes to pay for a ticket. After this time, if you have not paid for your orders, they will not be fulfilled and your ticket pool will be added back to the store pool.

  1. I have a problem with ordering a ticket. What can I do?

Sent an email to: kasia@knockoutprod.net

  1. Can a person under 18 enter a concert?

Persons who are 13 on the day of the concert (but under 18) can enter the concert with a written consent of their parents/legal guardians. Consent template is available HERE (ENGLISH). Persons who are not 13 on the the day of the concert can enter the concert only under the care of an adult indicated by their parents/legal guardians and with their written consent. Consent template is available HERE (ENGLISH).

  1. Can I return a purchased ticket?

Tickets can be returned or exchanged for vouchers only if there are changes in the event organisation.

Pursuant to art. 38 in relation to art. 27 of the Act of 30th May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 24th June 2014), the Consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the sales agreement concerning Event Tickets with specific dates, therefore, the purchase Tickets are not subject to exchange or return following the procedure determined in the aforementioned regulations. The tickets purchased via knockoutmusicstore.pl are not subject to cancellation or exchange.

Pursuant to art. 15 zp, section 2 related to section 1 of the Act of 2nd March 2020 on specific solutions related to preventing, counteracting and fighting COVID-19, other infectious diseases and the resultant crises (Journal of Laws from 2020, item 374, as amended), in relation to cancelling events, we have allowed for the possibility of exchanging purchased entry tickets to vouchers with nominal values corresponding to the amounts paid by the customers for the performance of the hitherto agreement. 

  1. How much time do I have to pay for my order? How long will it be active?

A ticket is purchased after clicking “Zamawiam z obowiązkiem zapłaty” (Order and pay) and paying for it (you have 20 minutes to make the payment). We do not book tickets. Orders that have not been paid for within 20 minutes are automatically cancelled and they are not fulfilled.

  1. Do you send ordered tickets abroad?

We do not send tickets abroad. We recommend purchasing electronic tickets which can be exchanged for collectible printouts on the day of the concert at the entrance to the event.

  1. Up to what age children can enter a concert for free?

Children up to (and including) the age of 10 can enter concerts for free. They can enter a club only with sound-proof headphones and under strict supervision of their parents.

  1. Can a person with disabilities enter a concert with their carer paying only for one ticket?

A concert participant is obliged to purchase full-value tickets to be able to enter the event. A carer is eligible to a 50% discount. You can buy tickets contacting the eBilet platform at: niepelnosprawni@ebilet.pl.

  1. Why there was no receipt in my ticket package?

Pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of 16th December 2016 on exemptions from the obligation of keeping records with cash registers (Journal of Laws from 2016, item 2177), we hereby inform that, starting on 31st March 2017, the sales of tickets is not recorded with a cash register. Returns and complaints will be processed based on all legally allowed proofs of purchase presented by the buyer, e.g. emails, payment confirmations, etc.

  1. Can I leave the concert venue and come back later with the ticket still valid?

A concert entry ticket can be used only once, and it becomes invalid after leaving the concert area.

  1. Can I collect in person?


  1. After ordering, I have not received a confirmation email, and I wired the money what can I do?

Check your SPAM folder and/or contact us at info@knockoutmusicstore.pl


 16. Are tickets purchased outside official sales channels also valid?

We kindly request you to purchase your tickets only through authorized stores listed on our channels (Knock Out Music Store, eBilet.pl, optionally:  B90/Drizzly Grizzly/Progresja -goOut)

Tickets can be sold by another provider only if:

- the concerts are taking place in B90/Drizzly Grizzly clubs;
- the concerts are taking place in Progresja club;