Kreator, Anthrax

+ special guest Testament

When: 11.12.2024
The doors: 17:30
Start: 18:30
Headliner: Kreator, Anthrax
Support: + special guest Testament
Organizer: Knock Out Productions
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Do you want thrash? Fast riffs, aggression and uncompromisingness? Then on December 11 you must look at the Spodek in Katowice. There you will be taken care of by Kreator, Anthrax and Testament.


We all know that Kreator is one of the biggest thrash bands in the world, and as far as Europe is concerned, the biggest. Mille Petrozza constantly steers this ship, and although there have been stylistic turns (mostly in the 90s), you have to admit - the peasant knows how to do thrash. How exactly? With almost death-metal intensity (after all, Kreator contributed a brick to the creation of the trend), with acrimony, without concessionary tariffs, but at the same time hickory and with a bit of heavy-metal stoicism. It works from records, it works live. Raise the Hate Flag and head to the Spodek!


When others wanted to play even faster and even more brutal, Anthrax went into melody. When their bandmates were writing the most stilted plays, they looked into the punk vault and went marrying rap. The New York crew has always played in their own thrash league, disregarding trends, but creating them themselves. At concerts, they focus primarily on a ton of energy and having a great time. You will feel with them as if the 80s never passed!


Testament is a real treat for thrash maniacs. And not because of their long tenure or cult status, but because of the multi-layered nature of their approach to the genre. At their most spirited moments they ramp up to death metal. When it gets technical, they delight with maximum