+ Charlotte Wessels

When: 11.11.2024
The doors: 18:30
Start: 19:30
Headliner: Vola
Support: + Charlotte Wessels
Organizer: Knock Out Productions
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This set will prove to you that progressive metal is evolving at an alarming rate, taking on all sorts of forms. Vola and Charlotte Wessels will perform on November 11 at Hype Park, Krakow.


If you like your metal to be heavy, tangled, dressed in odd meters, yet charming and infused with sensitivity, you'll probably love Vola. The quartet from Copenhagen creates prog metal in its own style, being a lone island on the genre map. They are able to capture the reflectiveness of Porcupine Tree, a djent noise worthy of Meshuggah, and a near shoegaze aura of relaxation. Add to that the velvety voice of Asger Mygind, who could fearlessly power Tears for Fears or another Alphaville. Their catchy yet melancholy-ambitious songs win over listeners at the snap of a finger. They will win you over, too.


Even when she sang in Delain, she was characterized by a wide range of skills, but since she's been acting on her own, she's delighted all over. Charlotte Wessels is building her own world composed of many component parts. The Dutch artist peregrinates darkpop corners, progressive-symphonic atmosphere and balances it all with alt-rock. Such a special guest is every headliner's dream.