Chop Suey

+ Machine Ed

When: 18.04.2024
The doors: 18:30
Start: 19:30
Headliner: Chop Suey
Support: + Machine Ed
Organizer: Knock Out Productions
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In the 1990s and noughties, nu-metal or alt-metal stirred up stylistic controversy among orthodox musicians, but they abounded in extremely important and original lineups. Cover bands Chop Suey and Machine Ed will recreate the peculiar energy, respectively: System of a Down and Machine Head on April 18 at Krakow's Zaścianek.

Maybe System of a Down hasn't released a whole stack of albums, but among the five full-lengths in their discography, it's hard to find anything mediocre or even barely good. Chop Suey are aware of this, so they will present in Krakow a set composed of the most iconic cuts of SOAD's output. Expect high energy and professionalism - we're talking about a lineup that includes members of Dragonforce and Anti-Nowhere League.

Who among you hasn't strained his cervical vertebrae at the groovy ending of "Davidian"? Or at the unleashed thrash part in "Empire"? Machine Head has plenty of such hooks in store, and Machine Ed plays them seamlessly live. This is a group with a perfect feel for the thrash wilderness of the Americans, pummeling also the groove that is extremely important in their work.