Big Brave

+ Kee Avil

When: 11.05.2024
The doors: 18:30
Start: 19:30
Headliner: Big Brave
Support: + Kee Avil
Organizer: Knock Out Productions
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Already on May 11 in Krakow (club Kamienna12) such a dose of catharsis awaits you that you will leave the event completely changed. Impressions will be provided by Big Brave and Kee Avil.


Getting down to specifics: Big Brave is a heavyweight. Maximum weight. Weight in every aspect - musically and emotionally. When they drop a hail of slow post-metal riffs on the listener, it's easy to get crushed by it, and that's not the end of the fun. Just as often, they also reach for droning trances that affect the listener like a mantra. Let them breathe on you as well.


Kee Avil plays pop, but it's not music for the radio or the charts. In her case, pretty songs are deformed, melodies are run through many disturbing filters, and fear dominates over sweetness. Is more encouragement needed?